Blackberry Mousse – Mousse de Amora

Blackberry MousseOne of my favorite deserts is Passion Fruit Mousse. Whenever I am in a rush to make a desert or just want a quick and simple dessert I usually make passion fruit mousse. This dessert is so simple, it takes five minutes to make and everybody absolutely loves it. There really is no way you can go wrong with this dessert.

Sometimes though, I like to change the flavor of the mousse and usually I will opt for a blackberry mousse. A lot of times when I make a blackberry mousse everyone gets pleasantly surprised and absolutely love the change from passion fruit mousse.

If you like passion fruit mousse, definitely give this recipe a go. If you have fresh blackberries this recipe is a must!




1 can sweetened condensed milk
1 can cream
1 cup of blackberry concentrate or fresh blackberry juice without seeds

Put all ingredients in a blender. Blend together well for approximately 3 – 5 minutes or until the mixture is well incorporated and thick. Pour into a bowl, decorate with fresh blackberries, and leave in the fridge for an hour before serving.


Blackberry Caipirinha

DSC_0070-001You can never have too many caipirinha recipes! Caipirinha is so simple and can be made with almost any fruit. A while back I had my first pineapple caipirinha and it was delicious. Another favourite of mine is passion fruit caipirinha.

But, a close second to the traditional lemon/lime caipirinha is a blackberry caipirinha. A restaurant close to my farm serves a delicious blackberry caipirinha and because I have a lot of blackberries at home I decided that it was time to make my own.



50 ml cachaça or vodka
2/3 cups frozen or fresh blackberries
2 tsp white sugar

Place the blackberries in a glass and muddle (mash the blackberries with a muddler or wooden spoon to extract all of the juice). Add the cachaça, sugar, and ice cubes. Together with the ice cubes you can add some more whole frozen blackberries.

Fresh Fruit Juices

Living in Brazil I sometimes forget how lucky I am to have so much fresh fruit available to me, especially in the form of fresh fruit juices. At any restaraunt, padaria (bakery), or lanchonette (snack shop) you can order fresh fruit juices. Depending on the place, your options for fresh fruit juices will change; some will have an endless variety of fresh juices and the simpler places will probably just offer orange juice. But, no matter where you are you can guarantee that you will at least be able to order a fresh orange juice.

Açai Juice (

Açai Juice (

Fresh fruit juices are one thing about Brazil that I absolutely love and feel privileged to have. In the USA your juice options are limited and the chances of finding fresh juices are often next to impossible. And, if you do find somewhere selling fresh fruit juices you are going to pay an arm and a leg for it.

Although I often order fresh fruit juices when I go out to a restaurant or have a snack I often forget about the fruit juice options available to me and I tend to order the same juices every time. I also don’t always mix fruits together which can be easily done and always makes for a really delicious drink. Why I stick to the same juices and don’t mix fruits is probably because I know that I can always do this because these fresh juices are on my doorstep. But, I do need to start trying more juices, even if I CAN do this at any time!

Acerola Juice (

Acerola Juice (

These past two weeks my parents were visiting from the USA and one thing that they could not get enough of was the fresh fruit and the fresh fruit juices. Being with them encouraged me to try new juices and combinations and we all managed to sample a wonderful variety of fruits and juices. At almost every restaurant and snack stop we would see what different juices were available to us and usually we would order at least one new  flavored juice. There were definitely some juices though that got repeated because we liked them so much. Although we didn’t do too much mixing of juices the one mix that my parents did try and absolutely loved was orange and acerola juice. Acerola is a very small fruit that is known for its high vitamin C content. The flavor of acerola is like a very sour orange, but in a good way! (Acerola Wikipedia Link).

The juices we tried were: orange, acerola, guava, pineapple with fresh mint, passion fruit, lemon, acai, graviola, corn, sugar cane, papaya, and blackberry. Because some of these juices were so tasty we ordered them several times causing our list to be a little bit shorter, but, we did pretty well with sampling the different juices.

Pineapple Juice with Mint(

Pineapple Juice with Mint(

One thing my parents noticed, sometimes to their disappointment, was that because a juice was really tasty in one restaurant it did not mean it would be good at the next one. This is something to always remember when in Brazil and ordering fresh fruit juices, or in my case ordering  caipirinhas, everyone makes it a little bit differently. One restaurants passion fruit juice may be absolutely amazingly delicious but the next restaurants may just about be drinkable. Because these juices do not come from a box they will always be different. For me this is one of the excitements of ordering fresh fruit juices (unfortunately it can also be very annoying) along with the endless variety!

Mousse de Maracujá (Passion Fruit Mousse)

Passion Fruit MousseThis dessert is to-die for. By far one of the easiest and tastiest desserts you can find in Brazil. The beautiful yellow color with the passion fruit seeds and the sweet and slightly tangy flavor just make this dessert irresistible. I almost can’t put into words how much I absolutely LOVE mousse de maracujá or as it would be called in english passion fruit mouse.

This is one of those desserts that takes only a few minutes to whip together and will be devoured within an even shorter time frame. It is a dessert that is perfect after a barbecue filled with tons and tons of meat or a light dinner or a lunch with friends or, as is usually the case for me, just because I want something sweet at night.

Passion Fruit MousseI honestly can’t remember the first time I tried mousse de maracujá but I do know that I have liked it from the get go.

Maracujá is a popular fruit in Brazil as it is not very expensive, but also because Brazilians just love this fruit and will take any opportunity to eat it. I have had everything from maracujá capirinha, sugar candies flavored with maracujáand maracujá meat sauces. This is one of those fruits that is used for anything and it works with anything.

So, before I start rambling about how much I love maracujá I am going to share this recipe with you and I will wait to hear from all of you what you think of this dessert before I continue my rants of how amazing this dessert is.

I generally use a passion fruit concentrate to make this recipe, but you can also use fresh passion fruits, just substitute the maracujá concentrate with four fresh passion fruits. Take a look at the recipe from Brazilian Flair in the USA, they also have a great video to show you how its done:)


1 can sweetened condensed milk
1 can cream
1 cup of maracujá/passion fruit concentrate (this is the juice concentrate that I use)

Put all ingredients in a blender. Blend together well for approximately 3 minutes or until the mixture is well incorporated and thick. Pour into a bowl, decorate with passion fruit seeds, and leave in the fridge for an hour before serving.

For a PDF of this recipe CLICK HERE!

Passion Fruit Mousse